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Update! Still Alive and Creating New Work

So much has happened since I last updated the blog! Where to begin…

First off, I’ve moved with my husband and two fur babies to small town Texas, and officially have a room for my studio! Hurray! No more garage, no more Texas heat, and most importantly less humidity on my tools and metal work.

I joined the local art league and have been participating in their various activities. This past summer was full of children’s art classes and art shows. Not only have I been helping to teach watercolor to kids, but I’ve been preparing to offer classes of my own. The community response to classes has been good so far, hopefully that is true for my classes too.

The art league has provided a great deal of opportunities for me. This past August I was given the space to have a solo exhibition! The space was generous and my work looked very nice.

20160810_144722Along with the solo opportunity, I had the chance to fill a role the League unexpectedly needed filled. I am the acting Gallery Director! Pretty fancy title, and my goal is to keep work rotating in the gallery and to keep the space clean and professional.

Meanwhile, I have been working on new pieces of my own! Check out pictures below!