Update! Still Alive and Creating New Work

So much has happened since I last updated the blog! Where to begin…

First off, I’ve moved with my husband and two fur babies to small town Texas, and officially have a room for my studio! Hurray! No more garage, no more Texas heat, and most importantly less humidity on my tools and metal work.

I joined the local art league and have been participating in their various activities. This past summer was full of children’s art classes and art shows. Not only have I been helping to teach watercolor to kids, but I’ve been preparing to offer classes of my own. The community response to classes has been good so far, hopefully that is true for my classes too.

The art league has provided a great deal of opportunities for me. This past August I was given the space to have a solo exhibition! The space was generous and my work looked very nice.

20160810_144722Along with the solo opportunity, I had the chance to fill a role the League unexpectedly needed filled. I am the acting Gallery Director! Pretty fancy title, and my goal is to keep work rotating in the gallery and to keep the space clean and professional.

Meanwhile, I have been working on new pieces of my own! Check out pictures below!


Fresh Ideas

Today is a fresh ideas day. Some days a giant chain of ideas and thoughts for projects hit me so that I don’t manage to get any of the manual work done until I get everything stuck in my head on paper. These type of days are VITAL to my creation process. If I don’t sit down and dedicate to jot down the quick sketches, studies, notes, and lists then days of no ideas have nothing to fall back on.


What about you and your creative process? What step is vital in your creativity?

Keeping Busy

Hello followers and art enthusiasts!

Here lately I’ve been keeping my work bench occupied and busy. Here in the Huston area there is a resource free to use for artisans like myself that I have found really useful! The website is called Fresh Arts, an online portfolio and art resource program. I have found several awesome shows and competitions, and even art related jobs to participate in through their database and monthly newsletter.

That being said, I want to share some work in progress photos and of course finished pieces with you all!

Appreciating the Journey

With many things in this life sometimes the process or journey to the end result has just as much, sometimes more, beauty than the end result. This week while creating I’ve taken notice of the beautiful points of my process, and I’d love to share them with you!


All of this is a pile of sheet copper with hammer marks in it. However when you look for the interest here you seeing a photo of stunning texture.


This image is the same copper pieces after I have applied heat to soften the metal. While the torch is working the metal is folded in half, cutting off air from reaching the center, thus preserving the copper from oxidizing. The further out the more oxygen reaches the metal causing it to go through a spectrum of color, until reaching the final charcoal color. This part is one of my favorite steps in what I do.

Clean Sketchbook

Ever get a new, pretty, or really nice notebook? Did you feel hesitant to write your random scribbles, and to do lists, for fear you are wasting such a lovely little book?

Well, that’s how I am with new sketchbooks. There’s just something about all the vast, clean, white pages that makes me hesitate in putting my doodles and midnight inspirations into. ┬áTo others my sketches may or may not make any sense, but those pages of ink and pencil are important. The hours spent in an artist’ sketch pad is a window to their creative process.

What I find to be the most fun is going back through old sketches and finding new ways to create the piece, and most of the time the piece comes out even better. Take this bracelet for example for example:


The original sketch for said bracelet was a quick doodle in the corner. However once I stumbled across the sketch again, my quick doodle became another more advanced doodle:sketch

Which then translated to a better more intricate, and advanced rendition which I liked even more than the first.


Feeling Rosey!


Hanging out in my studio today! With Valentines Day coming up this weekend roses seemed appropriate. So what about roses?  It’s amazing the symbolism and hidden meanings in just a flower!

Specific to roses, the type of rose can mean:

Austrian Rose (Rosa foetida): Thou art all that is lovely
Cabbage Rose: Ambassador of love
Carolina Rose: Love is dangerous
Crown of roses: Reward of virtue
Damask Rose: Beauty ever new
Faded rose: Beauty is fleeting
Hybrid tea roses: “I’ll remember you always”
Leaves: I am never importunate, Hope
Moss bud: Confession of love
Pale colors: Sociability and friendship
Provence Rose: My heart is in flames
Red bud: You are young and beautiful
Rosa canina: Pleasure mixed with pain
Rosa multiflora: Grace
Rosa mundi (striped): Variety
Rose in a tuft of grass: There is everything to be gained by good company
Rose bloom over two buds: Secrecy
Single rose: Simplicity
Thorn: Danger
Two roses joined together: Engagement or coming marriage
White bud: Youthfulness, “Too young for love”
Withered white rose: You made no impression

Bent to the right – “I”
Bent to the left – “You”
Ribbon knotted on the left: Message from the giver
Ribbon knotted on the right: Message about the recipient
Accepted with right hand: Agreement, affirmative
Accepted with left hand: Disagreement, negative
Worn over heart: Love
Worn in hair: Caution
Worn in clevage: Frendship, Rememberance

All my rose factoids can from Every Rose. Check them out if you want to know more!

Whole New Interests!

Happy New Year (and a month or so)!

Lately I find my eyes wandering to all the different stones I have to play with in my work. They are so beautiful, these natural shimmers of organic art.

20150128_092930 (1)

They draw my attention away from the beautiful floral textures I have been dwelling with and have been begging me to give them life! Elements like Labradorite or Jasper or Chrysocolla have a vibrancy and vitality that as of late have been a muse to new and unique ways to create art inspired by nature!

wpid-20141110_155331.jpg mtnecklace2

The stone can have such an attitude that the metal is secondary. For instance the stone on the left, a crazy lace agate, lost its intrigue and organic colors when paired with complex or elaborate metal components. Simple mimicry of the curves is all that is needed to accent the natural elements of the agate.

The second stone, a picture jasper, allowed for more room to play with metal interaction with the stone. I loved how these mountain ranges just pop from the cabochon and spread off onto the copper, add a touch of moonstone in the corner and a completed landscape materializes.