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Feeling Rosey!


Hanging out in my studio today! With Valentines Day coming up this weekend roses seemed appropriate. So what about roses?  It’s amazing the symbolism and hidden meanings in just a flower!

Specific to roses, the type of rose can mean:

Austrian Rose (Rosa foetida): Thou art all that is lovely
Cabbage Rose: Ambassador of love
Carolina Rose: Love is dangerous
Crown of roses: Reward of virtue
Damask Rose: Beauty ever new
Faded rose: Beauty is fleeting
Hybrid tea roses: “I’ll remember you always”
Leaves: I am never importunate, Hope
Moss bud: Confession of love
Pale colors: Sociability and friendship
Provence Rose: My heart is in flames
Red bud: You are young and beautiful
Rosa canina: Pleasure mixed with pain
Rosa multiflora: Grace
Rosa mundi (striped): Variety
Rose in a tuft of grass: There is everything to be gained by good company
Rose bloom over two buds: Secrecy
Single rose: Simplicity
Thorn: Danger
Two roses joined together: Engagement or coming marriage
White bud: Youthfulness, “Too young for love”
Withered white rose: You made no impression

Bent to the right – “I”
Bent to the left – “You”
Ribbon knotted on the left: Message from the giver
Ribbon knotted on the right: Message about the recipient
Accepted with right hand: Agreement, affirmative
Accepted with left hand: Disagreement, negative
Worn over heart: Love
Worn in hair: Caution
Worn in clevage: Frendship, Rememberance

All my rose factoids can from Every Rose. Check them out if you want to know more!