My Work

Clean Sketchbook

Ever get a new, pretty, or really nice notebook? Did you feel hesitant to write your random scribbles, and to do lists, for fear you are wasting such a lovely little book?

Well, that’s how I am with new sketchbooks. There’s just something about all the vast, clean, white pages that makes me hesitate in putting my doodles and midnight inspirations into.  To others my sketches may or may not make any sense, but those pages of ink and pencil are important. The hours spent in an artist’ sketch pad is a window to their creative process.

What I find to be the most fun is going back through old sketches and finding new ways to create the piece, and most of the time the piece comes out even better. Take this bracelet for example for example:


The original sketch for said bracelet was a quick doodle in the corner. However once I stumbled across the sketch again, my quick doodle became another more advanced doodle:sketch

Which then translated to a better more intricate, and advanced rendition which I liked even more than the first.